27 agosto 2011


by Renato Piccioni
The soul?
My Lord,
what a “Gift” You ever done to me!
You have given to this body
Your Divine “Spark”,
and You created me,
My material being,
without Your Gift,
could be,
pottery, stone, rock, water,
maybe, a shady tree,
but never a man.
If I can think, can love,
if I am not an “object”
it’s because of “Your Boundless Gift”,
that let me living my spirituality,
and of You, my Lord,
make me Your Children,
before of my mother and of my father,
they where only means
with their love and for love,
giving me
eyes to see, ears for hearing,
heart for loving,
as You, my Lord,
loved me before I was,
because I formerly was
from You, Your “Spark”.
And I will love
in Your Name, for all my life
until the day
You will ask back the first “Spark”
You have given me as “Gift” at the start.
Thanks, with love, my Lord.

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