15 novembre 2013

Washington DC Forum: Peace Zones as Avenues for Stability in South Sudan, Syria, Colombia and Korea

By Velma Anne Ruth, President, Independent Review, Inc, Executive Director, Middle East Democracy Federation  
Washington DC, USA - The United Nations first introduced the concept of “peace zones” in 1947 to
promote peace in Jerusalem. Since then, the UN has engaged dozens of peacekeeping missions through the development of international coalitions for stability, addressing crises of military proportions, humanitarian, volatile conflicts and major natural disasters. UPF's Office of Peace and Security Affairs organized forum on Oct. 15, 2013 on the topic of Peace Zones: Creating Avenues for Stability through Development. Participants reviewed four case studies and the viability of establishing zones of peace as a means to resolve conflicts in Korea, South Sudan, Colombia, and Kurdistan.
In addition, the participants discussed a refinement of the concept of “peace zones,” as proposed by UPF Founder, Dr. Sun Myung Moon at the United Nations in 2000. Dr. Moon, at the same gathering, called for the creation of an interreligious council at the United Nations. Governed directly by the United Nations, he said, “These peace zones would be havens that exist for the sake of peace, prosperity, and reconciliation. They would be free of racial and sexual discrimination, human rights violations, and war. These areas would also be ecological and environmental havens for the entire natural world.”

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